Paikka: Kauppakeskus Chydenia

Lauantai 19.11. klo 12
Kauppakeskus Chydenia
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KATRAS is an urban flock, a dance between four performers of diverse embodiments, encountering each other and the surrounding environment through movement, a score, spontaneity and listening. Following what emerges in the space of togetherness, the dance is always new. Co-composed from histories and the present moment with Kellokoski's playful sound design, a casual glimmer ilnes unresolved suspense, and timeless ease.

KONSEPTI: Sally Davison, Kaaos Companyn perustaja
ESIINTYJÄT: Siiri Tiilikka, Jonna Lehto, Kadar Khristan, Georgie Goater
ÄÄNI: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Kaaos Company is a professional inclusive dance company based in Helsinki since 2010, founded by Sally Davison with Gunilla Sjövall. The company’s work is project-based and traverses the dance field working with different choreographers, dancers and performers. Work is presented in theatres, in schools, on stages, online and in alternative spaces locally and internationally. We believe inclusive dance performance is a powerful way to practice and present the values of difference and diversity within society.

Kuva: Jussi Ulkuniemi